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Protect your property against damage with a detailed and comprehensive property inventory check in report from Arnold Inventories.

Our trusted inventory check in report for rental properties ensures that you can move tenants in confidently, knowing the condition is accurately recorded leading to a smooth deposit resolution and ensuring you aren’t unfairly out of pocket at the end of the tenancy.


From £100 + VAT

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Detailed condition of
property with photo
and video evidence

4 day report turnaround

Available Mon – Fri

Key pick-up & drop off @ property

1 x post-report amendment

Unfurnished only


from £120 + VAT

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Detailed condition of
property with photo
and video evidence

2 day report turnaround

Available 7 days a week

Meet & Greet with tenants

Key pick-up and drop-off within 15 minute radius

2 x post-report amendment

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from £140 + VAT

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Detailed condition of
property with photo
and video evidence

24 hour report turnaround

Available 7 days a week & Last day of the month

Meet & Greet with tenants

Key pick-up and drop-off within 30 minute radius

Unlimited post-report amendments

Communication with tenants before and after report

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Landlord Inventory Services

Arnold Inventories is an independent landlord inventory service provider. We offer impartial check in inventory reports detailing the condition of your property before tenants move in.


What Makes Us the Right Choice?

Our property inventory team ensures the highest standards because we understand how to provide the most comprehensive reports – we’ve been providing inventory reports since 2007.

Our services include:

Flexible inventory clerks and operations team with appointments available 7 days a week.

Our proprietary inventory check-in software provides accurate reports within 24 hours.

We utilize an extensive report and review process including over 25 photos and videos per room.

Arnold Inventories are an independent inventory check-in company with no affiliation to real estate agents or landlords, offering a truly impartial service.

Property Inventory & Check In Process

Our simple 3-step process takes the hassle out of waiting for your property inventory report.

  1. Instant book online or call
  2. Booking confirmed on same working day 
  3. Clerk arrives at agreed time and inventory report sent as soon as 24 hours later
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Arnold Inventories provides a range of property management and check-in/check-out services for landlords and agents across London.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Check In Inventory?

A check in inventory is the process of recording the contents and condition of a landlord’s property, before a tenant moves.

A detailed check in inventory report provides both landlords and tenants with accountability  that a property will be left in the same state as it was at the beginning of a tenancy. If any damage has occurred from the tenant that isn’t wear-and-tear, the landlord can make reasonable deductions from the deposit to cover costs incurred.

A check-in inventory also benefits the tenant, as in some cases a landlord may claim that damage or wear-and-tear was caused by a tenant during their occupancy, and attempt to recover the cost to repair these faults from a tenant’s deposit. If a check in inventory report shows that the damage was present at check in, then the tenant will have evidence to refute the charge. 

What is Done in an Inventory Check In?

An inventory check in is conducted by an inventory clerk before a tenant moves in. This process involves attending a property and inspecting the contents, making a record of their conditions by taking pictures, videos and writing detailed reports. The report is sent to the landlord and tenants to approve.

Tenants and landlords can attend the inspection to note any issues they see and ensure the inventory clerk has seen them too. As all the items in the property will be detailed at check-in, and those items are expected to be there once the tenant has left, the inspection needs to take place before the tenant has moved in with their personal belongings. 

Why Do I Need a Professional Inventory Check In?

A professional inventory check-in will allow you to obtain an accurate and legally admissible document that details the exact condition of your property inventory prior to a tenant’s occupation.

This type of report is extensive, running up to dozens of pages depending on property size, meaning that if a dispute arises between a landlord and tenants at the end of the tenancy, any damage can be easily and quickly resolved. Landlord’s may decide to conduct their own inventory check-in, however, if your own report is not thorough or does not contain sufficient evidence, then tenants may easily be able to dispute a claim made against their deposit. Furthermore, a comprehensive inspection can take over 2 hours for an untrained clerk and deposit protection services recommend reports are conducted by impartial third parties.

Who Pays for Inventory Check In?

It is your responsibility as the landlord to pay for an inventory check-in, it cannot be charged to the tenant under the Tenant Fees Act. 

Inventory check-in reports are not a legal requirement, but it is best practice to conduct one prior to each new tenancy as their absence leaves landlords vulnerable to unsuccessful deposit claims as the burden of proof is on the landlord to evidence the claim, not the tenant. Tenant’s are more likely to dispute claims without an accurate condition of the property at check in. If a Landlord does not want a check-in report or they do not choose to use an independent third party, then tenants are within their right to pay for their own check-in inventory report.