Arnold Inventories 

Established in 2007, Arnold Inventories completes over 5,000 reports a year, supported by 15 inventory clerks and a dedicated operations team. We invest continuously in our staff and systems to ensure exceptional report quality and a 24-hour turnaround.


Arnold Inventories has no affiliation to any real estate agent or landlord. This impartiality ensures tenant deposit disputes are resolved fairly and transparently. We provide our services to major letting agents, small family offices and private landlords across London and the Home Counties.


 Clerks and an operations team to handle last-minute bookings, seven days a week


No affiliations to real estate agents or landlords, ensuring impartiality


Rigorous report review process, optional liability allocation, over 20 photos per room

Technical Edge

Proprietary software to ensure clear reports within 24 hours. Summary information sent from property

A Picture is worth
a thousand words

Each report contains 25 high resolution photos per room, downloadable as a separate zip file. Photo processing software auto-enhances, and ensures photos are relevant and unique.

Technology at
our core

Proprietary software ensures reports are comprehensive, clear and omission free. Reports undergo more than 40 automatic checks before being finalised by our internal review team.
Clerks are automatically benchmarked to core KPIs including turnaround time, photos per room, photo quality and accuracy, with compensation tied to performance.
Management review data analytics weekly to ensure the business continuously satisfies stringent internal standards.

Attention to detail

Along with photographs, our reports describe and itemise all aspects of the property. Our report review process ensures no areas are missed and that every room has sufficient detail.

Meter Readings
& Keys

To ensure an audit trail, we photograph, and detail keys and meter information. This includes key pick-up and drop-off locations and meter serial numbers and readings.