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What is a Tenancy Checkout Report?

At the end of a tenancy, a thorough inspection should be carried out, using the original Check In Report to compare the condition of the property at the start of the tenancy, and each room in the rental property examined thoroughly.

Notes should be taken and compiled into a report at the point of the tenants’ vacating – this is known as a Check Out report.

This report will be used to determine whether the tenant will receive a full refund on the deposit paid at the start of their tenancy, or whether any deductions will be made to cover any damage to the property.

Using an independent inventory company like Arnold Inventories can make all the difference during a deposit dispute as our 3rd party reports provide impartial evidence to support  / refute any disputed  claims


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Landlord Inspection Checklist: What Should Be Included?

You can see full Check Out Property Report and Check Out Report with Liabilities templates from Arnold Inventories, but the key points recorded in the inspection include:

Condition of the property

Starting at the entrance and working through each room, notes should be made giving the overall condition of the property. More detailed notes will normally only be taken to describe conditions of anything in less than good condition.

Cleanliness of the property

As each room is inspected the person carrying out the report should check that the overall cleanliness is up to standard, ideally to the same level as at check-in and where a new tenant would be able to move in with little or no further cleaning required.

Contents and their condition

Contents, fixtures and fittings are checked to ensure that everything owned by the Landlord remains in the property and in good, working condition.

Photographs of each room

As each of the above checks are carried out, photographs should be taken of each room and in particular detail where they are needed to evidence any damage or defect.


Check Out Report Services

Using a company such as Arnold Inventories means you will get a detailed and impartial report carried out on your property, minimising any disputes between yourself and your tenants.

Should there be a reason to deduct money from the deposit amount, your report will provide clear descriptions and photographic evidence to support this, making it easier to prove to tenants if they dispute the decision.

Looking for an experienced inventory clerk to carry out a Check Out Report on your property? Get in touch today to discuss your requirements with a member of our experienced team.

Why Choose Arnold Inventories for Your Check Out Reports?

With a dedicated team of knowledgeable inventory clerks, we have the experience and expertise to carry out thorough Check Out Reports on rental properties.

We are able to give impartial guidance on tenant deposit disputes, and our detailed reports and photographic evidence of your property’s condition at the start and end of the tenancy will ensure everything is resolved fairly and with full transparency.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do tenants have to be present for check outs?

Tenants don’t have to be present during the check out inspection, but they have the right to be there if they would like to. This is generally less necessary when an external inventory clerk is carrying out the inspection, as the notes made in the report will be impartial and fully evidenced, and tenants have the opportunity to comment on the findings of the report for a period of time after checking out (usually 7 days).

Who is responsible for check out inventory?

The landlord is responsible for arranging the rental property inventory report and paying the check out inventory fee, as well as any other inspections carried out during the tenancy (including Check In Reports and Mid Term Inspections).

What is a check out form for end of tenancy?

This is the form used to report findings from the Check Out inspection carried out at the end of the tenancy. It details the condition of the property, it’s contents, and overall cleanliness. See our sample reports below:
Check Out ReportCheck Out Report with Liabilities

What is the purpose of the check-out report?

A check out report enables both parties (landlord and tenant) to clearly identify any damage or deterioration to the property during the time of tenancy. Whether this is general wear and tear, or damage possibly caused by the tenant, a check out report will be able to provide comparisons to the beginning of the tenancy (the Check In Inventory Report).

This evidence is invaluable when it comes to assisting landlords and tenants in resolving any deposit disputes.

What do you do at the end of a tenancy?

For a tenant, your responsibilities at the end of your tenancy are to:

  • Ensure you are sticking to the agreed terms of the tenancy;
  • Deep clean the property prior to vacating;
  • Carry out any minor repairs — including any decorative damage, replacing light bulbs etc;
  • Make sure the property is ready for the check out inventory to be completed;
  • Return the keys to the landlord or their representative;
  • Take a final meter reading, and ensure that all bills are paid and up to date.